As I was tapping on the screen of the alpha version of Saria Touch app, I felt WaW! I didn’t imagine that the video player could be customized especially for me, and the animation of Q&A was amazing. I even took a screenshot and sent it to Syriail with a big Thank you. When I first contacted Syriail, I was concerned about the 4,500 miles between Atlanta and Germany! Surprisingly, they are as if they were next door when I need them, even for an advice on my business model.
Saria has a dream. Facebook, Youtube or Snapchat are not enough to fulfill the requirements. She is a professional etiquette coach. A dedicated platform for the courses she give is the choice. A platform which hold and build her own brand.
Saria is a dreamer and a smart person! So she decided to invest a limited budget to release the first version of her etiquette application: Saria Touch It was not easy to deal with a smart dreamer. We had to accurately choose what features are the most important in the first version. What features could attract more users and give us a future insight. How to build the business model starting from those selected features. How to do all that with a limited budget.

A new tip every day is the video of the landing page. they keep users get back to the application every day.

Overview video for every course. Saria explains what the course is about in a minute.

A summary of each course read like a book.

Users can ask questions on a specific course to get personalized answers rather than general Q&A

It’s really easy to use

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