No Process!

We don’t have, and nobody should, a rigid predefined process. There’re components from which we select what is most appropriate to your project and budget, to tailor the process and refine it when needed


Business Plan

Initiate The Project


Every new project or a start-up must have a business plan. We cannot get the project done if you don’t have a one. We need your vision, the business model and the requirements to lead us.


If you believe that your idea could be a thing, we can help you turning the idea into a business plan. We won’t do it completely for you, it’s not our mission, but definitely we can take your hands to get there.

Kick Off

Now you have a clear vision, a business model and clear requirements, let’s start. But first, let’s ask some questions
  • Are we on the same page?
  • Have we, Syriail, understood what you have in your mind?
  • We are sure that we can build the product for you, but are you sure that this product should be built?
  • Will your clients will need it and use it?
  • Are you sure that the requirements or the features are all needed and you didn’t miss some?
  • Do you want to lose many business opportunities until the whole product/project get done?

Every new project or start up implies opportunities but also uncertainty and a possibility of failure. Wouldn’t it be great to maximize the opportunities, to eliminate the uncertainty and to cut the loose early?

The “Kick Off” phase is designed to carry out the three missions: Maximize, eliminate and cut. And, equally important, to pave the ground for the project.

Sketching / Prototyping

We work together with you to build the prototype to make sure that we, you and our team, have a common understanding. It is the language we both can understand and something could be seen rather than imagine. Prototypes could also help you understand your project better, therefore you might develop your requirements!

Architect Solution

Depending on the clear understanding of the requirements and the budget we can decide how the product should be built, what components it should consist of, how these component will communicate and what technologies are most suitable.

Minimum Viable Product - MVP

Together, we elect the core features and requirements to be implemented as MVP. These are the features without them the product lose its goal(s) and becomes useless. MVP Could also be just a prototype! Always, no predefined process!

MVP aims to:

  • Demonstrate the value of the product to the final users
  • Predict the future of the product
  • Get feedback from initial users to implement the most important features in the subsequent releases.


There’re many ways to evaluate MVP. One or more could be chosen depending on the project nature and the strategy in the business plan. Evaluating MVP, most probably, lead to review the whole business plan and develop it. You might re-prioritate features in future releases. You may also take the “STOP” decision before you lose more valuable time and money.

Let's Profit

Continuous Development - Continuous Integration - Continuous Deployment

Has MVP proved the potential opportunities? Let’s start the non-ending work then! We both will profit from the project

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