Saria Touch

A unique mobile and web application in which the instructor Saria teaches Etiquette. Clients watch daily tips, buy courses and ask questions to get answers on many topics
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Saria Touch Manager

User friendly and easy to use web-based backend to manage Saria Touch mobile and web applications. Upload videos, captions, thumbnail photos, interacting with customers and much more..
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Mobile Applications

API as Service

Web Applications

Our Philosophy

Invest in Human
Innovation and thinking out of the box make the difference. We look for open mind people who has no stereotypes and limitations. Those people who are engaged and have diverse experiences in their lives are our target as partners in doing our job
Cutting Edge Tech
We rely on the power of the freedom of our team. That’s why we always use cutting edge technologies to combine them with creative minds to have innovative solutions. Ongoing training and research is the connecting point
Your are in
From the very first moment, we are partners working in one team. You don’t sign the contract an wait until we get the work done. It’s our work together.
No Rules
Saying “No Rules” is a rule! We break this rule also. When it comes to Quality Assurance and keeping our customers interests on top, then we stick to rules. Otherwise, we help our team to remove any limitation to free their minds

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